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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most important questions


How does it work ? 

Value Forward Haiti is a very simple concept: We get participating stores to provide Value Forward Gift Cards locally in Haiti. We then let you buy those gift cards from the USA online using standard forms of payment. 

Does it take long to send?

It takes us 24 hours to process and prepare a delivery for pickup. 

It it accepted everywhere ?

Not yet. But based on our recent growth, we intend to add more locations. 

What are the Cash Back Rules ?

The recipient must purchase at least 1 item to get the cash back from their gift card. They will be given the cash back in local currency at the Rate of the day as marked in store.  

Can I send more than ONE ?

You can buy as many cards as you want for as many recipients. Just make sure that for each recipient you add another card to your basket, as Cards are dedicated one recipient, and cannot have multiple recipients. 

Why is this better than Money Transfer ? 

Transfer costs have become high from USA to Haiti. Instead of sending money that your family will use to buy Food and Medicine, why not have that credit at those shops for them! And they can get the remainder  as Cash Back !