Value Haiti

Send your value forwards

This is the best way to get your loved ones the Value they need without having to deal with complicated transfers, and fees.
— Founder

The Idea

Is simple, you buy a Gift card in the USA that is accepted at many participating stores in Haiti. Once the Gift Card is activated by the recipient, as long as they make a purchase at one of these locations they can get the change in Cash Back. Its that easy, no hidden fees, best daily rate, no hassle! 

Participating Locations

For now 3 have 3 points where the Recipient can go get their Cards: Downtown Port au Prince,  Grand Rue/  Midtown Port au Prince, Delmas 30/  Uptown Port au Prince, Petion Ville, Giant

100% Guaranteed Delivery

We guarantee that within 24 hours of purchase the Value card will be available to your recipient. No hidden fees, and easy to use!